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We are working on renewable energy, using wood chips as a natural source of energy.


Van den Nagel’s many business interests include the production and trade of biomass. This can be managed from the project site to the door of the power plant. As wood chips are used as a natural source of energy, this is a sustainable development, contributing to the growth of renewable energy. As we have various qualities of wood chip available, we can cater for the needs of various types of end user. Our sales are distributed across the Netherlands and north-west Europe.

Managed forest provides wood chips. Additionally, material for wood chipping is released by grubbing operations carried out in preparation for infrastructural works and the screening out of landscape elements or row plantings. As well as producing its own wood chips, Van den Nagel buys in wood chips, in the Netherlands and in north-west Europe.

Some years ago Van den Nagel purchased a Albach Diamant 2000 to produce wood chips. This machine from Germany is a chipper with multiple advantages. Its hourly production rate is high and the machine is extremely well suited to loading directly into trucks. The various end processors supplied by Van den Nagel value the quality of the wood chips. The chips are homogenous, and sawdust and other small waste is kept to a minimum. The machine can produce various chip sizes, achieved either by replacing the sieve or by adjusting the knife drum.

The Albach is a flexible machine. Whether the quantity of wood produced is one truckload or more, the Albach Diamant 2000 is easy to use. Getting to a project site is simple: the Albach has a commercial number plate and can be driven on motorways.