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The chipping of trunk tops and branches is carried out using a self-propelled Albach Diamant 2000 chipper. Reducing the size of the wood in this way makes it usable in the processing industry.


Chipping is the process of cutting the wood into smaller pieces. Sometimes the management of nature can involve the felling of a forest in its entirety. This may happen in a range of natural environments for a variety of reasons. The objective may be to extend and restore open heathland that has become overgrown. Working on a project like this, Van den Nagel will remove trunk tops and branches as well as root sprouts and basal shoots. Van den Nagel can do this neatly and efficiently by reducing the size of any felled wood not destined for the wood-processing industry. To minimise the transport of branches on public roads, the size reduction (chipping) is carried out on site.

Thanks to the use of forestry machines with wide, load-spreading tyres and a modern chipper with a large production capacity, the damage to the clear-cut area left behind is as good as none. The temporary disturbance caused by the work does not last long. Efficient methods and good logistics enable a swift completion.