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If you would like a tree pruned or removed, you've come to the right place. You can also order unsplit firewood from us.

Private individuals

While forest maintenance and logging are large-scale commercial operations, we also work for private individuals. We maintain a great many gardens, bringing the same careful and professional approach that we would to a large forest. Our work varies from uprooting and removing a tree to pruning trees in difficult places. For the last-mentioned tasks we have a special climbing system that enables our tree surgeons to take down the tree branch by branch. We have special machines that assist with this work. We ensure that everything is done in a safe, controlled way and we guarantee both the client’s safety and that of the tree surgeon.

We also sell hardwood to private individuals. We deliver the hardwood as a complete tree trunk. The species we use for our firewood are beech, American oak and indigenous oak. Naturally, we can deliver the wood to your address.

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